Style: Single circulation oven, Single door
Interior: H 20″ x W 20″ x D 18″ (51cm x 51cm x 45.5cm)
Exterior: H 43″ x W 29″ x D 24″ (109cm x 73cm x 61cm)
Case: 1.2mm galvanized plate (Painted with hammered spray)
Interior: 0.8mm galvanized plate
Insulation: Fibra glass wool as insulating material
Operation Temp.: 60°C – 200°C
Heater: 220V 2kW x 1
Temp. Controller: Japan indicating temperature controller
Motor: 220V 1φ 1/8HP 1400rpm
Mains: 220V 1φ 50~60Hz 2kW
Accessary: 4 type A galvanized roy trays with racks installed