Company Info

RE:Cessation of Operation of Production Plant

We regret to inform you that the management board of Eurasia Electrical Heating Co., Ltd. has decided to cease the operation of the production plant permanently on December 31, 2018. For products that are still under warranty, you can contact Mr. Cola Wong via for the purchase of spare parts or supporting services.

Thank you sincerely for your past support. We look forward to serving you again in the future.

Our company was established in 1980. We mainly design and produce various type of industrial circulation ovens. We insisted to be honest, stable, and improving ourselves from time to time. We use high quality parts in all our products, with raw materials from Europe and Japan. We take Hong Kong as our base, providing and producing high quality and reliable product to our customer.

Single circulation oven

Single circulation oven is fitted with horizontal hot air recurrent circulation to facilitate an even hot air flow, all items should be placed horizontally inside.

Suitable for industrial drying, heating, roasting, stabilizing of electronics, metallics, plastics, printing, chemicals and food reproductions, etc.

Standard models: EA301, EA601, EA602, EA603, EA803 (Single), EA804 (Single), EA805 (Single)

Double circulation oven

Double circulation oven has a powerful ample air flow circulation that is specially designed for large industrial and stereoscopic products. It is suitable for general purpose usage.

Suitable for electric P.C. board, plating, silk flowers drying by roasting, painting, shoe-making stabilization, tempering and aging test, etc.

Standard models are: EA801, EA802, EA803, EA804, EA805